Tuesday 13th November 10am EST (3pm GMT)

Five simple steps to the most profitable promotion you'll run this year

  1. Get approved - In just a few clicks
  2. Presell your list - With our done for you report
  3. Prepare a bonus - Add something of your own or see what we can add for you to boost conversions
  4. Get in touch - If you need anything
  5. Mail Hard, Mail Often - Maximise your earnings with multiple mailings

24 hour leaderboard update

Just 24 hours in and you've already sold over 1,200 frontend. I say "you" because that's not even counting the sales we made ourselves!

But let's keep it real. We all know the only reason everyone is here now is to see who's hot!

1. Peter Garety
2. Chris Munch
3. Craig Romero
4. Andy Black and Simon Warner
5. Alex Cass
6. Aravindh Shridhar
7. Nate Rivers
8. Oz Da Don

1. Get approved

Make sure you are signed up to DigiResults affiliate network and approved to promote -

Once approved. Click here to get your affiliate link.

No PayPal? No problem. Email me andy@digiresults.com or Skype me andy.fletcher2k9 and I'll take care of that for you.

2. Presell your list

Maximise your sales by sending our done for you report to your list on Monday 12th November.

Right click and choose save us here to check out the report.

And we've even written the email for you -

3. Prepare a bonus

A hot bonus is that little extra push that makes your list convert twice as hard, especially if it works well with Digi Traffic Generator. If you've got a stunning SEO product, a good list-building plugin, or some ideas on what to do with all the traffic they're going to get, you're going to get a FAR higher EPC.

4. Get in touch

If you need anything simply email me andy@digiresults.com or Skype me andy.fletcher2k9 and I'll take care of it for you.

5. Mail Hard, Mail Often!

Grab one (or more) of the swipe emails below or write your own.

The people who get to the top of the JV leaderboards are the ones who recognise a good thing and mail at least three times.

Here's the blueprint that's worked for me:

PRELAUNCH:  Let your list know the launch is coming.  This is super-hot software, they ARE going to be excited.  And they'll be keeping a careful eye out for your e-mail.

BEGINNING:  Mail as soon as the launch opens.  Make sure you emphasise how cool the launch is and that it's happening NOW!

MIDDLE:  Send a reminder mail to let your list know the launch is still running, and they've still got the chance to get in.  This'll pick up a load of people who missed the first e-mail.

END:  Mail on the last day.  Really hammer the urgency.  Make sure they know if they miss out now, they will never get the chance again.  I've had $25+ EPC on last-minute e-mails like this, so they definitely work!

And don't worry about mailing too much.  This is something your list WANTS to know about, so you should be trying to make sure as many of them get the message as possible.

We've got swipes available for the prelaunch and early mails, and we'll be sending out middle and end mail swipes to everyone who's signed up.

If you mailed the prelaunch -

If your list responds to benefits -

If your list responds to curiosity -

If your list likes you to keep it short (Pro tip: This makes a great SECOND mailing)